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The best binary options review site on the internet

As one of the first brokers in the marketof binary options , AnyOption is proud to be a pioneer and leader in the industry. They started in 2008 , followed by a rapid expansion began when they offered their trading solutions investors around the world. Your customer knows many languages ​​( English, French, Russian, Arabic , Turkish, Spanish , Italian, German and Chinese), while its head office is located in the Cypriot capital , on Estias 11B Ilioupoli Dali.

Registering with AnyOption is pretty simple. You can open an account in U.S. dollars, euros and British pounds. There are many different deposit options , depending on the country in which you are located . If we look at pros and cons of AnyOption , we should definitely mention that their solid return rate of 65-71 % is high and that in addition to 15 % of the investment will be returned to unsuccessful trade.


It ‘s no wonder this is called Broker AnyOption . Are you sure you have all the options ( binary optiona) for trading with one of the largest equipment lists on the Binary options market. You can choose from 9 currency pairs – EUR / USD , EUR / JPY , EUR / GBP , USD / AUD , USD / GBP , USD / NZD , USD / CHF , USD / JPY and GBP / JPY. There are currently 60 different stocks, including Google, Apple, Microsoft , Amazon, America Movil , Facebook, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Baidu , Vodafone, Unicredit , German Bank , British Petroleum and many more. 31 indices – international , to act from the USA, Europe , America , Middle East and Asian Pacific , as well as options to assets such as gold, silver, copper and oil.

trading platform

AnyOption has a web-based trading platform , which can be accessed through a login on their website without downloaded software . They offer mobile apps for iPhone and Android, so traders are prevented in any way and can have their options from anywhere in the overview . Your Database for prices and expiration dates is the world famous company Thomson Reuters , a guarantee of correct data of the markets.

With the use of online platforms sometimes doubts come on at the dealers if their accounts are safe. Therefore AnyOption has taken all necessary steps to ensure your identity and trade data are secure. The transactions are executed by a certified SSL connection , which encrypts all information and makes it accessible only to those who should see it.

These are the main features and types of platform for binary options.